Pinoy Gay Couple Breaks Social Media with Sweet Monthsary Celebration

February is the month to celebrate all kinds of love — whatever shapes and sizes it may come. But for this Pinoy couple, the special month is not only to commemorate Valentine’s month, but also their first month of being together.

Six days after the much-awaited Hearts Day, Leo Alfonso, got home after an ordinary day and was surprised to see his boyfriend who came to see him and brought a lot of gifts for his partner. They made a lot of couple envious when Alfonso uploaded the pictures in his social media account which had garnered thousands of likes and shares afterwards.

Presently, the original post got 17,000 reactions, 11,983 shares and 1,800 comments in total. According to his caption, “Yung pagbukas mo ng kwarto ganito makikita mo. Uggghhh. So much effort. First month palang to ah? Di ko na tuloy maantay yung Anniversary! Charot. Haha. Yung explosion box talaga yung nakapagpa-wow sakin eh, na may mahaba nyang sulat-kamay na message sa gitna. Thank you babe. Sobra ko na-appreciate. I love you so much po.”

Usually, the most common gift ideas which are favored by most couple are flowers and chocolates. However, Leo Alfonso was greeted by scrumptious chocolate goodies, and some items to treasure. To Alfonso’s delight, his monthsary gift does not end there. He was also given an explosion box containing a collection of their pictures and a short greeting from his special someone. What more could he ask for?

The netizens’ views and opinions became diverse in this post. A lot of internet users thought it was sweet and even labeled them as Relationship Goals, but the others thought it was too early to organize this much for a first month celebration since grand preparations are usually seen during the most important milestones of a relationship — anniversaries. However, efforts should always be exerted regardless of how long a couple has been together.

At the end of the day, it is refreshing to see how vocal and creative millennials can be when expressing their feelings. It is good to know that they are making use not only of their resources but also the internet to let their loved ones know how special they are to them. Love had truly won this time.

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