Shocking! De Lima's Secret: 'Her Mama Doesn't Know She's In Jail'

It's been months since De Lima was not seen by her mommy Norma,there are no newspapers in her mother’s house, and people make sure the television is turned off, or its channels switched to “safer” programs, during the evening news.

“She doesn’t know I’m in jail,” says Sen. Leila de Lima, referring to her mother Norma being unaware of her whereabouts these past three months.

It’s a well-guarded secret, says De Lima, adding that her siblings tell the 83-year-old matriarch that the senator is “schooling” abroad.

But though De Lima herself is almost totally cut off from the outside world—no TV, radio, computer, or phone—she has access to newspapers that her Senate staff delivers to her cell in Camp Crame every day.

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